Sanitary Rules 2021 – Centre Martial Shudan

Following the latest health measures taken by the government for the year 2021, a set of measures has been put in place with the Centre Martial Shudan, in order to propose a safe framework adapted to the practice of martial arts, it is therefore important to read them:

  • Anyone going to the dojo should ensure to disinfect his hands at the entrance.
  • Parents may be present in the room before and after class. Parents will be asked to leave the room during the children’s class.
  • The bukiwaza part (with weapon) will be made without mask while respecting the recommended safety distance.
  • The tai-jutsu part (bare hand) will be done with a mask if it is not possible to respect a safe distance.
  • It is important to clean all materials used after the course, a cloth and disinfectant will be provided by the dojo.

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