The Aïkido Practice

What does Aïkido bring from a physical and mental perspective?

Most of this wonderful discipline lies in the mind, making it an artistic and spiritual practice. In fact, Aikido techniques are dissociated from any violent means. All enmity disappears to make room for an elegant and a worthy mastery.


Opponents’ attacks are smoothly deflected, however, without energy being destroyed. Then the movement is driven to a position which removes any efficiency of the adversary.

At the top level of the practice, it is also controlling the mind of the adversary, at the initial source of his action.

Besides the techniques of bare hands, Aikido develops the BUKIWAZA in depth, the practice of sword and spear, traditional weapons of the Japanese aristocratic class of the Samurai.

From a self-defense perspective

Place the aggressor in a painful and non-functional position to stop his effectiveness. An effective control of body joints and nerve centers. Control of armed opponents.

Equipments for practice

Aikido is practiced in white KEIKO GI (judo jacket and trousers) and HAKAMA (Japanese traditional trousers – be worn after certain time of practice). A BOKKEN (wooden sword) and a JO (wooden spear) are also necessary for Aikido practices.

For moving from the dressing room and the dojo, the practitioners will  wear ZOORIS (sandals). A strict body hygiene is to be respected.